Tourist town Castlebar is about to be rocked to its foundations!

Meet Mick Boyle, a decorated detective consigned to a backwater posting in the West of Ireland. Once one of An Garda Síochána’s brightest and best, he is struggling to overcome a past blighted by alcoholism, indiscipline and a failed marriage.SF WEB PROMO medium (2)

Just when he starts to believe he can sit back and let the world pass him by, Boyle is confronted with a serial killer investigation, a drugs war with a high body count, and the theft of priceless paintings that leads the world’s press to his doorstep.

There’s no hiding place. Is this Boyle’s chance for redemption? Or is he a spent force?

“Sometimes a book comes along that you instantly know……damn, I am now going to have to read this all over again for the sheer joy of the narrative. It means that I will have to swear off other books for a time as very few can provide the utter joy and delight of Joe McCoubrey’s superb novel.”
KEN BRUEN, international bestselling author of the Jack Taylor Irish crime series

Another explosive thriller featuring Mike Devon…..

AOM WEB medium

Mike Devon’s covert counter-terrorism unit has become a target for some of the world’s top assassins.

Devon’s response is to hit back hard and fast in a merciless campaign aimed at clearing a path to the door of the man who drew up the hit-list.

But as Devon scorches a trail of vengeance across Europe he finds himself becoming increasingly sidetracked by false leads. And that’s when he realises he could have made a fatal mistake.

Were the attacks on his unit nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the biggest ever terrorist plot against the city of London?

Has Devon allowed himself to be blindsided just when his country needs him the most?

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