I am still struggling to get my head around the fact that Vince Flynn is no longer with us. The American best-selling author of 14 thriller novels quite simply had no equal in the murky world of espionage writing. The publishing world has lost a giant.

Picture by Jim Mone, Associated Press

Picture by Jim Mone, Associated Press

I was first introduced to Flynn’s writing ten years ago. Since then I have devoured all his novels, often pre-ordering to ensure my copy arrived at the earliest possible moment. I remember last year that publication of what was to be his final story “The Last Man” was delayed because of his battle with prostate cancer. It was a battle we all thought he had won.

At 47 years of age he has been taken from us much too soon.  Just think what he could have accomplished by another 20 years of finding things for his hero, Mitch Rapp, to do.

What he has left behind is a legacy of writing that will continue to inspire generations of the action thriller fan club.

To those who have not yet had the pleasure of reading Vince Flynn, make a point of grabbing one of his novels. You’ll keep coming back for more.

Thanks for the thrill-ride Vince.

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  1. Michael Prince says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I did not know until today that Vince passed. It’s sad to think that I’ve lost a best friend whom I had never met along with Mitch, Irence, Scott and many others. I’m a huge fan of Vince’s books and other authors just do not compare.

    I honestly feel that Vince was the ideal altruistic Patriot. His books helped highlight the services that the men and women of this country make while bringing to light political and national dilemmas that America faces today. He made his case by using the pen and word to defend and honor our various Special Services/Forces and copatriots who want to see this country succeed.

    RIP Vince and my condolences to your family, fellow friends and fans.

    -Michael Prince

  2. Joe McCoubrey says:

    Hi Louise – you would like Vince Flynn books. The guy just had it!

  3. Laura Taylor says:

    Thoughtful tribute to a fine man and a gifted writer.
    We are poorer for his absence, but blessed by his legacy.
    I opt to be inspired by his devotion to craft, and I offer my condolences to his loved ones.

  4. Louise Phillips (@LouiseMPhillips) says:

    Great post, and although I haven’t yet read any of his novels, it is certainly a great loss.

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