Mike Devon is back in his most explosive assignment to date…

Watch out for the return of top counter-terrorism operative, Mike Devon, in the new full-length action thriller – Absence of Rules – soon to be released by Masterkoda Select Publishing.ABSENCE OF RULES

To some people Mike Devon is a highly trained counter-terrorism operative. To others, he’s little more than a Government-sanctioned assassin. Either way, Devon always takes the line of least resistance to get the job done, particularly when he’s faced with two al-Qaeda leaders preparing to unleash a new terror campaign against America and its European allies.

But Devon also has to deal with a sinister Russian oil billionaire pulling the strings in a determined bid to return to the days of East-West conflict. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Devon has to fight his way through a plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower, and stop the assassination of some of the world’s leading businessmen in a roller-coaster that becomes highly personal, and threatens the lives of the people he loves the most.

Absence of Rules premieres on Amazon on January 14 – don’t miss it!

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