There are just six days to go before we reach September 3rd – the much celebrated Labor Day in America. The date will hold extra meaning for me because it will also see the official launch of my action thriller Someone Has To Pay. I can’t think of a better milestone to share with.

My publishers – Masterkoda Select Publishing (MKSP) are throwing an online launch party next Monday and I hope you can spare a moment to drop in.  They’re promising games, prizes, gift cards and fun! Time for the event is:

3pmEDT/2pmCDT/1pmMDT/noonPDT until 6pmEDT/5pmCDT/4pmMDT/3pmPDT.
UK time is 8pm to 11pm.

You’ll find all the details at this link – click here and say you’ll drop by.

So what’s the book about?

As the search for peace in Ireland gathers momentum, British counter-terrorism agent, Mike Devon, is handed a chilling mission – put the IRA out of business at any cost.

He assembles an elite undercover squad determined to neutralise the entire IRA leadership. Kidnap, torture and shoot-to-kill tactics are all on Devon’s agenda as he sets about the task with a ruthlessness the IRA has never before had to face.

But the IRA has its own specialist operative. Cold-hearted assassin Fergal McSweeney is brought out of semi-retirement to launch one final murderous campaign against the British establishment.

Before settling for peace both sides are determined to first win the ultimate victory.

Devon and McSweeney had clashed years before in Chicago in an operation that ended the life of the British agent’s girlfriend. Now it has become personal.

Caught in the middle of the mayhem is a Northern Ireland detective on the trail of the assassin who killed his boss. He too has sworn that someone will have to pay.

As the body count mounts, the trio are drawn together in a fight to the death. The action races from Chicago to London, and from Belfast to Glasgow, before climaxing in a final bloody showdown in the suburbs of Dublin. When the dust settles who will walk away?

Someone Has To Pay will release simultaneously on Amazon USA and Amazon Europe.

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