Totally blown away by “Someone Has To Pay”

I HAVE TO ADMIT I was totally blown away by this review for SOMEONE HAS TO PAY. It was posted recently on the Amazon USA site by Washington writer, Karen Doering. See what you think…….Pay KODA VERSION 2 eCOVER

“It isn’t often that I find a book that I am just so impressed by I pick up the phone and call my friends to tell them, but in this case I did. In fact, I was already telling people about it before I was beyond chapter 5. It’s just that good.

“The opening is Chicago, 1985, far from the “troubles” of Ireland but not so far as to be immune from the conflict. Always looking for more sources for weapons the Provisional IRA was not above getting them from any dealer, in any country and the U.S.A. is just one of those places where an Irishman can blend in and a deal can be made. But when the deal goes awry and lives are lost, the hunt for the killers begins. A hunt that will span a decade and several countries.

“Fergal McSweeney is an Irishman with a cause. Recruited by the Provisional IRA at a young age, he is just the type of man they need. Cold and calculating with good gut instincts and the ability to act on them without question, he has become one of the best enforcers the IRA has. Sent to Chicago to make sure the people involved in an arms deal are who they are supposed to be he uncovers a plant. Someone has managed to pass the careful background checks and infiltrate the local Irish Republicans. It is his job to be sure these information leaks stop and it doesn’t matter how he does it.

“Mike Devon is just as loyal to his employers as McSweeney. He just happens to be on the other side. Sent to Chicago by MI6 – the British counterpart to the American CIA – to infiltrate the IRA sympathizers in the U.S. Mike is slowly working his way into the trust of the local Irish. In the course of his assignment he meets and falls in love with Pauline Brown, a woman under deep cover with MI6. Together they plan to bring down an Irish immigrant who is suspected of organizing arms shipments to Ireland. But all is not well with their cover stories and the locals are beginning to suspect them. Mike and Pauline are on a collision course with the IRA’s top enforcer and trouble is on its way to them.

“Someone has to Pay” is a very well written and researched mystery/thriller with protagonists who are believable and compelling. The dialog is delivered with a realism that makes the reader feel they are in the room taking part in the conversation, showing real talent and skill on the part of the author. But most importantly, the author has managed to make both sides sympathetic and understandable. Very well done.” – Karen Doering.

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